Our Clients Always Come First!

B&A Litigation Services has provided court reporting services in Washington State and the Pacific Northwest since its founding in 1984. This year we are celebrating our 40th Anniversary providing outstanding service to the legal community.  

B&A Litigation Services is one the largest court reporting agencies in the state of Washington and is, by far, the most technologically advanced agency in the country. We share technology and staff with our ThirdReel division, the Northwest’s leading audio visual creative agency for events and meetings.  With principal offices in both Tacoma and Seattle, we maintain a full-time staff spread across our scheduling, production, and accounting departments.  All have extensive experience dealing with complex multiparty litigation, the courts, and federal and state agencies.  Our billing practices are completely transparent and you will never find hidden fees or unexpected charges on our fully itemized invoices.  

Normal hours of operation are 7am to 7pm Pacific Time but we maintain on-call capability 24 hours a day year-round. In addition to our regular office number, we offer a toll-free number for client contact in addition to sophisticated web-based contact forms. As part of our dedication to utilizing technology to streamline service for our clients, we provide a client repository for electronic delivery of services and use a sophisticated, customized, software solution to manage court reporting operations.

Scheduling requests are confirmed immediately via email with a follow-up confirmation the day before the scheduled assignment to ensure worry-free operations and provide clients with staffing, service, and special request validation. Notices and documents related to assignments are all scanned and maintained digitally. These are available to staff via our secure online repository accessible 24/7 and even via mobile devices.

Production solutions include separate order processing with electronic delivery of transcripts which include scanned exhibits when requested. When exhibit scanning is requested, exhibits are hyperlinked in transcripts at no additional charge. Video is delivered in high-quality MPEG4 format via secure web-based download link. Video synchronization to the transcript is available when requested.  Our production department can provide immediate rough transcripts, expedited delivery, same-day exhibit scanning, exhibit management and tracking, and updated exhibit logs either via email or repository at the client request. As a service to clients, our production staff also files transcripts directly when requested. We have experience filing with the Court of Appeals as well as state and federal agencies. Staff is experienced with production of the most highly confidential and secure transcripts and video designations. In addition, staff is required to complete HIPAA training and certification so we can ensure the highest level of security around the documents we routinely handle.

The accounting department provides electronic invoicing when requested and can consolidate and centralize billing to meet client requirements. We routinely work with state and federal agencies and courts where unique delivery requirements and third-party billing is standard practice. Staff are experienced in handling multiparty litigation with multiple invoices, cost sharing, and split-fee arrangements.

We maintain a network of certified court reporters, certified legal videographers, and litigation support professionals both in Washington state and around the country. All of our reporters maintain their professional certifications acquired through the National Court Reporters Association’s (NCRA) certification program. Certifications include RPR, RMR, CRR and CBC. In addition to our sub-contractor network, our firm has certified court reporters and videographers on staff, which sets us apart from our competitors. All of our reporters adhere to the standards of professional practice and transcript preparations set forth in WAC 308-14-130. In addition to the professional certifications reporters need to maintain, the firm implemented a COVID-19 vaccination policy and tracks the vaccination verification (or accommodation) status of our employees and subcontractors. With internal verification systems in place we are able to meet the requirements outlined by government and health care providers.

Our court reporters are experienced with transcribing depositions, hearings, trials, and audio/video files. They can provide a feed to a realtime transcription to read along, when requested. They regularly provide services over the phone during teleconference hearings and depositions, through video streaming services like Zoom, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams, and in-person throughout the State of Washington.  Our reporters are familiar with adhering to different regulations required by different courts and working with confidential requirements. We are the chosen provider for high profile witnesses in Seattle based Federal Trade Commission investigations. The Court of Federal Claims regularly requests our court reporters to provide them with realtime services during trial. Along with our production department, they ensure their transcripts meet different local and federal requirements for formatting.

The leadership at B&A Litigation possess a unique set of legal and technical skills. Our CEO is a retired member of the Washington State Bar Association, past president of the Washington Court Reporter’s Association, and is a former member of the Green River Community College court reporting and captioning program’s Program Advisory Committee. He has also held the Certified Legal Video Specialist certification (CLVS) from the NCRA and served on the NCRA CLVS Council which establishes standards and oversees testing requirements for legal videographers.

In addition to the active role our leadership maintains within the court reporting community, the firm is also a member of the Ethics First Program. This program was created by the NCRA as a proactive effort to positively educate court reporters, firms and clients that the impartiality and neutrality of the court reporter is vital to maintaining an unbiased legal system.

Diversity is one of the firm’s core values. Our value statements include the belief that “diversity makes us stronger.” As such we routinely seek out opportunities to partner with diverse suppliers and maintain a focus on diversity in our hiring and employment practices. The firm’s CEO was recognized as Business Man of the Year by the Greater Seattle Business Association, and the firm was just certified by the NGLCC as an LGBTE certified business.

B&A Litigation also focuses on environmental sustainability. In addition to our value of diversity, we hold the value that “the earth should be nurtured.” Our processes and procedures are designed to ensure the firm operates as an environmentally responsible member of the community. As individuals, and as a group, we are very conscious of the impact we have on the environment. In our daily operations our offices adhere to a strict recycling program, delivers content digitally whenever possible to reduce packaging material, uses post-consumer products and recycled materials whenever possible.

B&A Litigation routinely handles complex multiparty litigation both in Washington State and around the country. Our firm case managed the September 11th litigation in Washington State and the firm’s principals were among only four individuals with the required security clearances to report these depositions. Other cases we have been involved with include: In re: Exxon Valdez, Stout v. United Airlines, Welding Rod Cases, In re: Certain Mobile Devices, United States v. Microsoft, In re: Countrywide Financial Corporation,
State Tobacco Litigation, Apple v. Microsoft, and City of Seattle v. Professional Basketball Club among others. 

In 2023 B&A Litigation Services was recognized as one of Washington’s Best Workplaces by the Puget Sound Business Journal.