Meet our Court Reporter, Christy Sheppard!

After graduating high school, Christy attended community college. She planned on going to university for law school, but after meeting her first husband in 1980, she decided to put her education on hold to get married and have her first child. A couple years later, Christy started a career with Fisher Scientific as the local HR Manager, and then became the Western Region Employee Relations Manager. She worked in this career for several years until Fisher Scientific relocated to Pittsburgh. Christy wanted to stay with her Washington roots, so she began a career with Alaska Airlines. Several years into her tenure with the airline, Christy was traveling often for her job, but she ran into some health issues that required her to work a less hectic schedule. At this time, Christy was still interested in law, but didn’t want to be an attorney anymore. In the mid 90s, she had a friend in the court reporting field. Through her previous roles, she had been exposed to the court reporting world, and she realized that it was perfect! She started attending Green River College at nights to become a court reporter.
Christy graduated from Green River in 1999 and at the same time married Ed Sheppard, the love of her life, and began working at Sanderson & Lowers. Within a year, she attained her RPR certification. After a year with the firm, Christy and her coworker decided to create their own firm to work for themselves. They operated their firm for about a year, and then decided to return to court reporting firms. Christy started working with Byers & Anderson (now B&A Litigation Services) in October of 2001.
Last year, she celebrated 22 years with the company! Today, she primarily does virtual and in-person depositions on a daily basis. She has also been involved with our work with the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals. Between depositions and Board work, she keeps herself quite busy!
In her free time, she enjoys crafting in her She Shed, volunteering at her church, traveling, outdoor activities, and spending a lot of time with her children, grandchildren, and her Pitbull, Olivia. They live in Buckley, so they often enjoy adventurous weekends. She even participates in drag racing!
Christy is looking forward to retiring and working at her leisure as a court reporter. She loves her work but wants to do a lot more traveling and playing hooky!