Meet our Court Reporter, Michelle Elam!

Back in 1998, Michelle was selected as a juror for vehicular manslaughter case over the course of two months. Being on that trial is what sparked her interest for court reporting. During the trial, she actually started Court Reporting School in Arizona. She graduated in 2001, with a BA in Court Reporting from the Metropolitan College of Court Reporting. She started freelancing immediately, focusing mainly on Personal Injury and Workers Comp cases. During that time, Michelle was involved in reporting the redistricting boundary hearings for voting which took her all over the state reporting hearings. In 2006, she received her RPR certification.
In 2014, her family moved from Tempe, Arizona, to Puyallup, Washington. She originally started working with JS&L, but shortly after that she began freelancing with Byers & Anderson (now B&A Litigation Services). She is coming up on 10 years with us! In April of 2021, her family relocated back to Arizona, however Michelle continues to work as a full-time virtual reporter for us. She loves that she can still continue to work for B&A while living out of state. She says she is very grateful for all of the staff at B&A that she gets to work with.
In her free time, she loves crafting, reading, and spending time with her family, especially road trips with her daughter every summer to WY and MT, and her dog, Jax! He attends every deposition. She is currently trying to survive the Arizona heat!
She is looking forward to purchasing a trailer with her husband and traveling!