Meet our Court Reporter, Jamie Lynn!

Jamie attended Temple University for Pre-Law Studies for her undergraduate program. She really enjoyed law but knew early on that she didn’t want to be a lawyer. She found that court reporting gave her the best of both worlds as she got to be involved in the law without having to practice. In 1998, she enrolled in Orleans Technical Institute in Philadelphia for court reporting. She graduated in 2002 and went straight to work with the Philadelphia Court System. She passed her City of Philadelphia certification in 2004 and received her RPR certification in 2007.
In 2012, Jamie moved to and was certified in Washington and has worked for both Kitsap and Pierce County Superior Courts. In 2016, she started doing transcription work with B&A and has continually worked between the courts and freelance with B&A since that time. As of February 2024, Jamie is now exclusively working with B&A. She chose B&A because of their strong commitment to protecting access to justice for the public through quality legal transcripts. She has also added voice writing along with machine stenography.
In her free time, Jamie enjoys hiking, traveling, outdoor and hydroponic gardening, and spending time with her fiance, kids, and bonus granddaughters.
She’s looking forward to visiting the last two states – NM and HI — in her goal of visiting all 50 states before the age of 50. Three years left!