Meet our President, Michela Hundrup!

Michela is the epitome of hard work pays off! In 2010, she graduated with a business degree from the University of Washington with a focus in Marketing. After graduating, she applied and was brought on for an internship with our company, which was ProMotion Arts at the time. The internship was to create a marketing and sales strategy for a convention app that our CEO, Steve Crandall, was in the process of developing. After a few months as an intern, she was brought on as a part-time marketing associate. That role quickly evolved into a more operations-focused role that expanded into the company’s other divisions.
In 2013, our company acquired a trial consulting firm, and Michela was promoted to general manager to oversee all operations across the organization. Over the years, she has continued to develop into more of a strategic role for our organization. In 2020, Michela was promoted to president!
Since her promotion in 2020, Michela has spent the last couple of years navigating the changing business environment that the global pandemic brought. Through that navigation, she has led us to a new business frontier where we are constantly evolving in this hybrid world. It has been challenging, but it has given our company the opportunity to adapt and work with new clients and services. She spends her day focused on the overall vision of the organization and executing the roadmap to achieve the company’s goals.
In her free time, her two young children and husband are her primary focus. She also enjoys running and is starting to explore ultra-marathon races.
She is looking forward to completing her first 50-mile race this September!