Top 10 Tips for Deposition Preparedness

Attorneys typically spend a considerable amount of time preparing for depositions. As a court reporting firm, we are frequently asked how to best create a clean record. We have comprised our top 10 tips to ensure a smooth deposition and creating a clear and readable transcript. 
1. Send the court reporting agency a Notice of Deposition. This information will help the reporter prepare their job dictionary and provide them the knowledge on the parties involved in the case.
2. Let the agency know if you require realtime services, a rough draft, or an expedited transcript. By letting them know this request ahead of time, they can more appropriately assign reporters to depositions.
3. Upon arriving at the deposition, let the reporter know who you represent.
4. In order to sequentially number exhibits, know what number you would like to start with. If you had previous depositions in the case and have an exhibit archive binder with the agency, the court reporter will have the binder at the deposition along with the last marked exhibit. When you book your depositions with our agency, we will have all of your exhibits in a case-specific binder so that you don’t have to contact different agencies for different exhibits or keep track of it yourself!
5. If the deposition is being videotaped, please refrain from speaking and allow for the videographer to read on and off the record at the beginning of the deposition, during all breaks, and at the conclusion of the deposition.
6. Clearly state when you would like to go on and off the record.
7. Give the witness instructions on speaking clearly and audibly, slowing down especially when reading from a document, and to refrain from interrupting other speakers.
8. Be conscientious of all noises you are making (flipping through pages, eating, tapping your pen) as it may make it more difficult for everyone in the room to hear and the reporter may have to ask the witness to repeat themselves.
9. Allow for breaks to ensure that the reporter and everyone in the room can recharge when necessary.
10. At the end of the deposition, give the reporter time to ask for spellings that may have come up during the proceedings so that the reporter can create an accurate transcript.
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