Why Use a Local Court Reporting Agency?

Part 1

In recent years, many agencies in Washington State have sold to out of state operators. Some are now owned by large nationals backed by venture capitalists where return on investment drives strategy and service decisions. Some are owned by agencies in other states that are consolidating services to gain economies of scale at the expense of local production, delivery, and service. While we can’t fault the aging owners of these firms for making the decision to sell to out-of-state owners, these decisions focus on the impact of the sale on their pocketbook and not on the  impact of the sale on the firm’s clients.

B&A Litigation Services has been locally-owned and operated for nearly 40 years. We will celebrate 40 years in business next year.  During that time we’ve had some changes in ownership but have always rejected the advances of out-of-state agencies preferring instead to keep our ownership local. Our current leadership team is part of our ownership group and will assume control when our majority shareholder retires. We know that might not be the most profitable decision but we think it’s the right decision for our clients.

We believe that local ownership has significant advantages. Stay tuned for more.